Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leave of Absence

Sometimes it's more effective to announce a leave of absence after the fact, right? That way while you're gone everyone is all like "oh," you know, "where is she?" and then you come back and it's like a nice surprise.

OR, I just got lazy and kind of quit trying to write, and now have decided to take up the mantel again. Take your pick! Anyhow, I'm back. I know I know, I'm like the Brett Favre of blogging.

So I'm planning a trip to France in May. My stepbrother, Rick, lives there (in Paris, to be exact) and will be welcoming me into his fancy Parisian flat where I presume we will eat baguettes and croissants and look at the world through rose colored glasses. I'm very excited about it, having only ever been to Italy as far as European countries go. Not that Italy wasn't great, because it is completely wonderful, but I'm excited to expand my international horizons. I plan to watch this video a lot in preparation.

I think I will fit right in. I also plan to look at the Sartorialist a whole lot before going in effort to look more Parisian.

I must go to lunch now, but if any of you have been to France and would like to recommend things for me to do while I am there, I would love to see your suggestions! I will write them in my fancy moleskine Paris trip planning notebook.


Emily said...

you're back, hurrah!!!!!

Unknown said...

Lois Lane is back, and she didn't even tell me? For that, I will withhold all of my tips/suggestions for Paris. Hmph.

Emily said...

you came back and then you died, what happened?