Friday, September 26, 2008

Krisan made me do this...

So any complaints or general irritation that results from reading postings here should be sent directly to her. Also, as I am hopelessly and perhaps irrevocably trapped in the 20th century as far as photography goes, there will not be any digital photographs displayed here (apologies.)

Also, as another caveat to future entries, I have a tendency to be wordy and, perhaps, to ramble a bit. (Anyone familiar with previous blogging efforts,, is well aware of the style.) Some enjoy it, although Ernest Hemingway most likely would not. (Which seems rude as I have conceded publicly to enjoying his very terse writings, but what can we do now?)

I have selected the title of this blog as a result of where I am currently posting, my desk on the third floor of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. This is a wonderful place and I love it and so many people upon hearing that I work here have asked me if I feel like Lois Lane I thought it appropriate. On occasion I have nothing to do but sit here at my lovely desk and gaze down the long hallway, which the vp of production who always wears bowties and tortoise-shell glasses and often seersucker (I know, you're probably thinking that we're perfect for each other but he's married and over 60, que sera) is always saying he'd like to turn into bowling lanes. Usually I fill my time by working on my deco file and reading designers blogs at (just try it. you'll love it. well, depending on your gender.) However, upon Krisan's urging I decided that on occasion I could practice the writing skills I am meant to be developing while working here and post some blogging of my own.

Earlier today I received a forward from someone who works here that I have never met. It was all these cheesey computer renderings/"art" pieces (that looked like they may have been painted on velvet) with sappy and somewhat theologically dubious messages incorporated into them like "God will not ask you what clothes were in your closet but how many people you helped clothe" and other similar notions. At the end, in an even larger and more dramatic image (they looked like those science fiction posters with like unicorns and knights and dragons in them) with a message about how "God will not ask you how many people you chose to forward this to because He already knows your decision..." My thoughts? Wow. Someone actually took this seriously. And forwarded it to EVERYONE who works at the Times Free Press. Our president is not going to be thrilled about this.

Approximately ten minutes later I received an email, also sent to everyone who works here, from the HR director, kindly reminding us to get any email that will be sent to the whole company approved by the president first, and referred us to an attached copy of the email rules and regulations.

Guess I'll think twice before I send out that hilarious list of "Top Ten Ways You Know You're a Vols Fan..."

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Krisan said...

This is excellent. Keep up the good work, Lois. I am linking you to my page immediately.