Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, it's Friday. Two of my four bosses are already gone, and they are the two whose offices are directly beside me. So, I suppose it is time to post.

The GPS/McCallie Five year High School Reunion is this weekend. As Blaes and I are the co-chairs (meaning I wrote a letter and helped stuff envelopes and Blaes made all the Facebook things and put the r.s.v.p.s in an excell spreadsheet...I should be called sub-co-captain), it is a weekend in which all of our hard work and careful planning will finally come to fruition. As B. and I are also extremely competitive (and were very disappointed in what we thought was a champion showing at the Young Alums phone-a-thon on Tuesday, only to learn that Vivian and Katie both dominated our pledges by - in one case- literal hundreds of dollars) we are aiming for record turn outs at all weekend events, even the ones not really organized by us, like the Baylor/McCallie football game. This would prove once and for all that our class was better than the class of 2002.

A third of my four bosses just left. It is 4:10. I am currently on my cell phone, which I never do at work. I like how sometimes a day just feels like a throw-away day, like, "you don't have to do anything, it's Friday." A couple of weeks ago we went to lunch at the Bluegrass Grille on the Southside, and it's next door to some lofts. The sign outside said "first floor lofts" which to me is kind of an anomoly because I always thought lofts were like, by definition, on top of stuff, but I am not an architect so what do I know? Anyway, outside, on the sidewalk and in the street, literally, the street, in front of the building, these people were just having a little party. They had drug a couch and two chairs outside, in addition to some green astroturf, some tiki torches, a boom box, and a cooler. Keep in mind that this is at approximately 12:45 on a Friday afternoon.

I had an instant college flashback to leaving campus on a Friday afternoon and seeing the Fijis with their couches and chairs out on the lawn on College Street, already drunk at 1:00, playing bocce ball and listening to Phish or something really loud. All around campus, the tailgaters would be sitting in their folding chairs all day, drinking and hanging out, waiting til four so they could mark their tailgating spots. I always wondered what those people did for a living that they had time to sit in a folding chair for 6-8 hours on a workday, but it was always cheering to see them there. Friday, when the weather is nice, is always a throw-away day.

So it's fall, officially, I needed a jacket yesterday, and the weather is nice, and it's Friday. High School football tonight, and high school friends collecting at various air ports. What a charming way to start the weekend.

And now it's five. This blog post is my productivity for almost an hour, interrupted periodically by various work-related things. I deserve a raise.

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