Monday, October 27, 2008


It's true, this is my second post of the day. However, I feel that the experience warrants notice.

As noted in my first post of the day, I am usually in a bit of a hurry in the morning. Therefore, I rarely actually pack myself a lunch in the morning anymore (also I never go to the grocery store so there isn't really a lot to pack even if I had time.) Depending on how late I am in the morning (dictating how much time I give myself for lunch), I either go somewhere charming (-ish, Panera or super-charming, Mercatino) or somewhere fast (Wendy's; the faux-Chickfila sandwich is not bad.) Another time I will write about how desperately I wish we had a deli of some sort in our building like every other large business downtown.

Anyhow, given my lateness this a.m. I darted over to the Wendy's on Broad to get my chicken sandwich and coca cola classic. Upon arrival I found that joining me in my dart were every other person in town with a lunch break. As we are creeping forward in the line, these three girls who turned out to be employees come jogging through the back of the parking lot, towards the drive-up line. the line is moving, and two of them went around, but one was coming the other way, as though she was considering walking through the moving line of traffic, which was backing up almost into the street. She looked as though she was contemplating cutting in front of my [moving] car, but reconsidered. After she passed me, she turned and made a very angry face, and pointed at my car and discussed it with her friends. I then became concerned that they were plotting against me because I did not stop and allow her to cut in front of me.

I got up to the drive-up window and to my dismay, found that one of her friends was the girl who takes the orders over the crackly microphone and accepts payment. Then I got my order, fearing sabotage.

They gave me diet coke. Maybe it was an accident, but I ALWAYS drink regular coke, and that is what I ordered. How cruel, to give a regular coke drinker diet icky cancer-bubbles with their lunch. Fountain coke can make or break a meal, and EW.

This is just one more piece of evidence regarding the unusual breed of pedestrians in the Scenic City. Ken and I have discussed this before, and he compared our fair city to rural Montana strictly because of the lack of regard citizens here have for basic traffic laws. These people look at roads as one giant sidewalk. They cross when the hand is clearly red at an intersection, they cross in the middle of the road where there is clearly no cross-walk, they cross traffic. All the while, expecting motorists to stop for them and allow them to pass. If you don't stop, they glare angrily. I am fine with stopping for people on a crosswalk, or if it is their turn to cross a street. But jaywalking is against the rules of traffic, and you can get a ticket for it, not to mention get run over, so don't get mad at me for not aiding you in your crime!

And certainly don't take out your crime-driven rage on me by giving me diet coke when I ask for regular. That's just mean.

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