Monday, November 17, 2008

donde esta mi muse

In the interest of looking busy during a lull, but lacking true inspiration, I present "Assorted thoughts, with Emily."

1. Why is there no J. Crew in Chattanooga? This question haunts me daily, although to my paycheck it is more like Casper, the friendly ghost.

2. Although I swore I would never patronize 'Fanta' after seeing one of those genuinely obnoxious commercials with the girls singing the 'wanna fanta' song, I have devised the perfect fountain beverage, and it unfortunately includes their product. 3/4ths glass of cherry fanta + 1/4th glass of coke = perfection.

3. While I still tip my hat to the architecture of yesteryear, I have a new appreciation for modern conveniences, such as central heat and air, after my experience thus far with baseboard heaters.

4. Without the pace-setting convenience of school breaks (and the helpful anticipation built up by Claire decorating the apartment for Christmas in October), it is easy for holidays, like the rapidly approaching Thanksgiving, to totally sneak up on you. Only last night did I realize that said holiday was in fact next week. My sad lack of vacation days smirks at me.

5. Will there be a new "Elf" this year? I don't mean like, a remake of a 5 year-old movie, but a solidly amusing, heart-warming, holiday themed film? In the tradition of the Grinch, Home Alone, and Muppets' Christmas Carol?

6. There is something completely great about living in a city where you can go to lunch at a downtown sandwich shop and run into people you know. I need at least ONE of you Auburn people to move here, though, please, so I can run into people from college too.

7. I predict snow this holiday season. Really.

8. Sigh. I used up all my creativeness this morning thinking of story ideas and covers for the magazine. I just couldn't end on an odd number. I apologize for the lameness of this entry. The next one will be better.


Unknown said...

found it!! this includes the words magazine, lunch, and to some extent...cold weather. and im thinking of trying your so-called fanta concokshun(i know for a fact that is spelled wrong). great to come home from a long day and see you there. even though it has been several years since ive seen you...

Emily Lilley said...

Ha! So pleased that you figured out which of my posts you hated the most :) I agree, it is one of the worst. Lovely to see you as well! Glad you arrived when you did.

Emily Lilley said...

and, for the record, it's 'concoction.' and you should try it. it's awesome.