Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, as many of you know, I have wanted a kitten for a long time. Finally living in my own apartment, it seemed like this might be the year, but alas, Mr. Straussberger (landlord and father to Anna) said "no cats." I have continued to visit the cats at the McKamey Animal Shelter all year, and right now they are having a special - cat, including shots and vaccinations, neutering/spaying (respectively), and microchip on sale for $25. Deal, right? So then I found Francis, and he was charming and friendly, and likes to be held and rub his face on you, and purrs a lot. Also, he has long, very soft hairs and an extremely long and swishy black tail. Obvi, I wanted him. 

Anna happened to be home on a vacation this week, and her parents had a gathering at their house Sunday night to which Jason and I were invited. I told Anna about Francis, and how we had to convince her dad to say yes, and so she worked her daughterly wiles on him, and I said "pleeease" and promised that Francis would only pee in his litter box. And so Mr. Straussberger relented! And thus, yesterday we went and picked him up! He sat quietly and patiently in his box all the way home in the car, and when we got him out, he didn't seem scared at all, just walked around a little bit. After a while, he seemed very comfortable and was all purring and climbing on everyone. However, last night he was so happy to be home that he did not sleep at all, I'm pretty sure, and spent the evening waking people up, climbing on their faces, and meowing. Hopefully this is not a habit he plans to continue as I must sleep sometimes. He had a somewhat rough day yesterday which culminated in his going to the Cat Clinic for grooming and treatment for the various illnesses and parasites he contracted while living at the shelter. 

This is not going to become a blog about Francis, however, several have requested to see his photo, so the following are his introduction to the world!

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