Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Historically speaking...

Regardless of who you voted for, this is a monumental day for our country. We should be proud of the fact that people finally got involved in the political process again, and we should be proud that over the last 50 years, we have been able to arrive at a point where a black man can be elected to the highest office in our country. David Gergen, CNN political analyst, quoted Dr. Martin Luther King last night. Dr. King, who gave his life for this future a day after saying these words, was looking forward to an America where all men were truly equal. He said:

"I just want to do God's will. He's allowed me to go up to the mountain and I've looked over and I've seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the Promised Land."

It's a shame that Dr. King was unable to see the triumph of his work last night in Chicago's Grant Park, but he would certainly be proud.

Other things that are good about this:

1. As Stephen Colbert noted, America should be happy about electing its first Hawaiian president.

2. Record-breaking voter turn-out, and celebrating Americans filling the streets to welcome their new president elect - welcome to the political process, America. Keep it up!

3. Bill Bennett, former Secretary of Education, noted on CNN last night (transcript unavailable at this time, so this is paraphrased:)'There is no longer a legitimate excuse to come from African Americans who claim that their race is an unmovable impediment to their success. In school, in the culture, in their lives. Senator Obama has proven that this is no longer viable.' Perhaps now we can ALL move into the "post-racial" era that Obama aspired to in his campaign.

4. Holograms on CNN...were they serious about that? "Help us, Obi Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope..." (The one of the capitol was pretty cool, though.) (also if I spelled that Star Wars guy's name wrong, think twice about what it says about you before you correct it.)

5. The whole world is excited about a new American president. I heard a recording on NPR of Chinese people shouting last night in unison, with their accents, "Yes we can!" Maybe people will quit talking about how America is a "crumbling empire." This country was not founded to be an "empire," it was founded to be great. As long as we hold to the tenets the nation was founded on, we will always continue to be great.

6. Senators McCain and Obama were as classy as they could be last night, which always helps heal factions.

So, go America, and now we can hopefully move on to other things besides politics.


Anonymous said...

Sure there will be fewer grammatical errors in the State of the Union, but at what cost? Leno, Letterman, Colbert Report, Daily Show, and SNL will lose some pretty good joke material in 81 days. Hopefully Palin won't go missing completely cause I'm loving SNL right now.

Emily Lilley said...

You have a point. Obama isn't nearly as mock-able. Maybe we'll get some laughable intensity out of Michelle. And yes, Tina Fey is a genius.

Anonymous said...

Also, I just read the "about me" of your blog. I'm sure you've known about this for awhile, but they made a movie based on "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." I saw the trailer during Mad Men the other night.

Emily Lilley said...

I did know about it, but have not seen a full trailer yet. I am pretty excited about it, as you might imagine. Solid recommendation.

Krisan said...

have i mentioned i love the blue and orange?

and also... i am drowning in the world of birth control and adderall at walgreens. i miss our mornings on google talk. we need a phone date and soon.

(love that wes is blogging - hello long lost friend!)

Anonymous said...

Krisan, long lost pal, fellow newlywed blogger, former Eta Theta Tau member; how are you? I see you are a blogger. Welcome to the club. I am more of a contributor than a blog post regular. We have a pretty solid newlywed/house renovator/home decorating following and I really like it. Congrats on the marriage btw. And the new dog. What is it with AU newlyweds and their dogs?

Not to turn this post into a walk down memory lane, but do y'all remember the days of hanging out on the lower quad with nothing to do except sit there with friends and enjoy the spring weather of Auburn. Where are those days?

Emily Lilley said...

i happen to love the walk down memory lane, and those afternoons with Eta Theta Tau on the Lower Quad lawn are some of my fondest collegiate memories! And playing Scattergories on the porch at Cater Hall.

Krisan said...

Sometimes i REALLY miss those days. Lupton Deli for 2 hours every afternoon with nothing to do but make fun of Haynes and try to keep up with Hannah's ncmos. When I started back in the pharmacy I realized that people born in 1990 are in college now. That made me feel so freaking old!! I also miss living on my parents money and only having to be somewhere for 3-4 hours a day... Probably should have enjoyed that more while we had it.

Wes, your dog is adorable, and your wife is real cute. Adding ya'll to my blog list asap. How is life in Birmingham? Are you still at Brasfield & Gorrie? Would love an update in an actual email rather than through Lilley's comments... Gmail is the new facebook.