Friday, February 20, 2009

The Friday Morning Post

Kind of makes it sound like I have my own newspaper...

Yes, it's Friday, and yet again I have neglected to post until today. I know, I've been a blog slacker this week, and it's not even like I have that much going on. I just haven't felt inspired. And since some people openly complain when my posts aren't, shall we say, riveting (yes, Chase, I'm talking to you), I shy away from posting unless I'm really feeling eloquent. But today I'm just going to go for it.

Commune Reunion 2k9 v.1 this weekend! For those of you out of the know, that means Tapley (Fain), Krisan, Krisha, Claire and Lucy are all coming to Chattanooga! It is very exciting. Since we are all now scattered across the country (well, mainly the southeast, except Claire, who as an outlier in Houston makes it possible to use the phrase "across the country") it is much harder to reunite than say, when we lived in the same apartment or dorm. Lucy, since she is but a child, has not yet formally been inducted into the society, but is currently a pledge. Once she is able to talk, she'll become a full-fledged (or delta, ha) member.

Francis the cat spent an evening being mystified and horrified as a process went on in my apartment he has not really experienced before - thorough cleaning. Since Lucy the baby now crawls, I felt compelled to make sure the floors she might crawl upon were as clean as possible. I now know that Francis is NOT a fan of vacuums, but that his sprinting capabilities have not diminished. I also know that he IS a fan of pinesol, and were it not for my watchful eye, he would be like Mischa Barton in the Sixth Sense. Even after I hid the bucket in the bathtub, he was not tricked. He almost hopped in face first, but due to a swift grab by self, he hopefully remained unpoisoned. He was also angry because he can no longer hang out in my closet as it is full of things now (There is one extremely tiny closet in my extremely tiny apartment - don't judge it's packed-ness.)

Our plans are loose for the weekend, but one place I can guarantee we will be visiting is Mercatino. It is so fabulous for so many reasons, one being the very hip european bistro vibe and decor. They have great paninis and salads, as well as beautiful, made-from-scratch pastries and candies, and gelatto. The coffee at Mercatino is the best coffee I've had (mochas especially). However, the best thing of all are pastry chef Dane's belgian waffles. Omg. These huge waffles are light and fluffy, with a hint of cinnamon in the batter. When ordered topped with nutella, along with maple syrup, it just can't be beat. Not to mention the fact that a giant waffle with nutella and syrup is only $3.50! You could get a really gross breakfast somewhere else for that. OR you could go to Mercatino because it's terrific! (No, they're not paying me, but if they want to that's fine...)

Ok. That's about all I've got today. Is it lunchtime yet?


Erin said...

I think this Friday Morning Post thing should be a tradition. It has a nice ring to it.

P.S. Tallulah also hates the vaccuum cleaner, even though she also rarely encounters it. Does Francis like dogs? They sound pretty compatible to me.

Emily Lilley said...

Thanks Erin, I think you might be right!

Francis has had very little interaction with dogs, so I'm unsure about his feelings on the subject. It's worth a shot!