Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If everybody was jumping off a cliff, would you do it too?


25 Things About Me. I have been tagged, and feel that I should comply.

1. In third grade, we were asked to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up. I drew Sandra Day O'Connor, as I planned to be a Supreme Court Justice.

2. I hate red roses because they are so cliche.

3. I have a somewhat uncanny auditory memory. There is no telling how many movies, songs, and Gilmore Girls episodes I could quote almost entirely if I tried.

4. I am really bad at conversing with children. The third graders I taught last year quickly learned that the only story I could tell at lunch was the one about the lady whose son stole a baby penguin at the Georgia Aquarium. They learned to simply ask for "your story about the penguin."

5. One of the few times I distinctly remember getting in trouble as a child was for eating pop rocks on the couch. I had previously been instructed not to do so.

6. As a child, after discovering a drafting table in my grandparents' basement, I spent long hours drawing detailed sketches of various dinosaurs, in hopes that they would be sought after due to my skilled artistry and published in the newspaper. I don't know why I thought drawings of dinosaurs were something the Dayton Herald would be interested in.

7. One of my current favorite foods is the waffle at Mercatino with nutella and syrup. Omg. So amazing.

8. I almost never purchase clothing with a pattern, other than stripes. I really like solid colors.

9. I currently have 44 post-it notes stuck to my desk with assorted messages on them.

10. When I was about five, my stepmother gave me a B-52s tape, because I LOVED it. My mother took it away, and then gave me a boxed set of the B-52s Greatest Hits when I was a junior in college as recompense.

11. I sometimes justify expensive purchases in this way: Hmm, this shirt is $75. Would I pay $7.50 each time to wear it ten times? ...probably. Then it's a fair purchase.

12. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I like summer, I like America, and I like fireworks. Perfect.

13. When we were about 2, my cousin Corey was climbing on a rocking chair. I warned him against it, and then said "Corey, if you fall out of that rocking chair, don't you come crying to me." This anecdote of compassion is a classic in our family.

14. I don't really think Seinfeld is funny.

15. I do, however, find The Simpsons hysterical. Especially the Lord of the Flies one. "I ated the purple ones. They taste like burning."

16. I pretty much hate rap music but I would love to meet Snoop Dog, because that guy is just cool.

17. I still know all the words to "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies because Maggie and I printed off the lyrics so that we could memorize the fast parts.

18. I find "Legally Blonde" inspirational.

19. When I was four, I wept while watching George Bush, Sr.'s inauguration, because I wanted Ronald Reagan to be the president forever. My mother's explanation of term limits did nothing to console me.

20. I once wrote a three page essay on a final exam in Dr. Israel's Reconstruction to the New Deal class about a book I've never read and received full credit. I can make stuff up with the best of them.

21. When I lived in Atlanta, I bought more stuff at the Junior League Nearly New store than any other retail venue. And that includes J.Crew. It is awesome what rich people throw away.

22. I, as Ellie Lee is rumored to have done, attempted to walk my first cat, Chester, on a leash. Two leashes, actually, because I thought perhaps the problem lay in the first leash itself. Turns out, cats really hate walking on leashes. Or rather, slinking along the ground while tethered.

23. My favorite date so far has been the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera 75th Anniversary concert followed by a very late dinner at Porter's. Ideal.

24. In middle school (and maybe high school...) I had a very serious crush on Pete Sampras, and there were like 25 pictures of him in my room.

25. Quentin Groves (only Auburn folk will recognize that one) used to play with my hair in Geology lab. I was too intimidated by him to ask him to quit because it freaked me out.


Sarah said...

Oh wow, #25 is SOO funny. I love you crying about Reagan, too!!!

Anonymous said...

Emily, come back to the Symphony! If you liked the 75th Anniversary Concert, we've got more just like it. Can we put you on our mailing list??

Emily Lilley said...

Thanks Molly, I plan to! Certainly you can.

Milla said...

AH HAHAHAHAHAHA is all I can say. I also am a fan of number 25. That's just plain creepy.

Emily Lilley said...
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