Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ahh, springtime and baseball

You know how when you go to gas stations, sometimes they have big speakers everywhere with someone shouting advertisements for things their gas station sells. The Golden Gallon on Brainerd Road when I was in high school used to have one that started out with a guy shouting "Ahhhh, springtime and baseball!!" I don't know what that has to do with gas stations or what they sell in the convenience store, but it became a part of my vernacular anyway.

Today is Lookouts opening home game!! Katie and Lacey and I will be there with bells on. I am very excited because the Lookouts being at Bellsouth park means one thing - spring is here and summer is on its way. Even though I will be working this summer, I am still so excited about it. I've always had summer jobs anyway, so I figure it won't really be that much different! I'm so ready for walking across the bridge to Nightfall, half price wine night on the back porch at Mudpie, beverages and fireworks at the Lookouts games, the B-52's at Riverbend, driving down to Port St. Joe for the beach and some tradition, and every other wonderful thing that warm weather brings!

This past weekend we went to Augusta to visit Jason's family and to attend the Masters at Augusta National. Even though I don't know a whole lot about golf, it was such a cool experience to see the beautiful course (now joins the course at the Greenbrier as the prettiest I've seen) and watch players like Tiger Woods up close. Here are a couple photos (courtesy of geocities and hubpages.com as you cannot take cameras into the course):

They are very proud of their azaleas there. According to Jason, they sometimes spray the buds with ice in order to delay their blooming until time for the tournament. As a souvenier of the trip, I selected the Tervis tumbler complete with embroidered Masters logo (my mother will be v. proud of this as she swears by the Tervis tumblers. If you want to know more about them, ask her.)

It was a very fun weekend!


Sarah said...

OOH girl, Clay wants to go to a Lookouts game so bad, so I'll bet we make a trip up there soon for that. When is Riverbend (that is the music festival, right)? Clay said the band "Live" is playing and we both want to come hear that! We could meet up...

Unknown said...

You're making my salivate for a Chattanooga summer. Alas, I will be sailing, throwing fantastic clambakes on the Cape, and watching the Red Sox with the Kennedy clan.

Had I known you were going to be in Augusta for the Master's, I would have told my cousin Tiger that you were coming so you could have gotten your picture with him. He probably was in a bad mood because he got 6th, but he would have liked you and Jason!

Krisan said...

a) you went to the MASTERS? where have you been on the commune update emails and why did i not know about this? that is so exciting!! v. jealous.

b) i received a phone call from an annonymous 423 number today and my heart skipped a beat thinking that it might be chatter magazine calling for an interview. v. disappointed when it was not you.

c) would love to join you for beverages and fireworks at a lookouts game! WHEN, exactly, might that happen?

d) i miss you and appreciate you branching out to a tuesday blog post!

David said...

Hey, Ms. Emily . . . this is David Tapley (Emily Fain's older brother)! And, I just had to say (as I had some extra time on my hands this afternoon I connected through Em and Walker's blog site to yours) your post on the third of April made me laugh til' I cried . . . thank you!! The "keepin' it classy" comment about killed me . . . LOL!! Thank you again . . and history rules . . . those who know it, make it! (smile)

David said...

Oh, I completely agree with you in regards to Ron Paul . . . quite the man!

And, isn't the grass in Augusta like endless, manicured carpet (Wow!) . . . ?!

John Beatty said...

"(now joins the course at the Greenbrier as the prettiest I've seen)"

Absolute sacrilege. In the pantheon of golf courses, there is Augusta, a large abyss because nothing else is even close, then any other of a number of golf courses.