Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Focus please - I am a camera.

1) Wild berry skittles...what was I thinking? Bleck. Double bleck.

2) Trying to organize notes and quotes and phone calls to write article about Alzheimer's is making me feel somewhat as though I have Alzheimer's. Blast.

3) Recommended La Altena (one of our favorite restaurants - delicious, cheap, and authentic [at least for Tennessee] Mexican food) to one of my bosses who is now a convert! Hooray for supporting local businesses.

4) Writer, regarding his interview subject: "It's kind of hard to call a grown man Scottie..." Me: "Well at least his name's not Bucky or something." Writer: "Haha...My dad's name is Bucky. What are you trying to say? [pause] I'm just kidding." Oh April fools day, how hilarious you are.

5) A certain professional football player and UTC alum in a press release regarding a recent award for his work with the Alzheimer's Association: "I am committed to help raise the awareness of the disease for the Alzheimer's do whatever I can."

Oh, really? How 'bout tell your agent I can have five minutes on the phone with you to get some comments about your work with the Association. I mean, I know you're not at spring training with your new team.

6) Chipper Jones is awesome. Here is a baseball player, probably going to end up in the hall of fame, record-holding batter, and yet he has stuck with the same team his entire career. Maybe he could have gone somewhere else and made a few million more dollars, but the team meant something to him, so he stayed, and now he's signed on to finish his career in Atlanta. Respect.

7) Breaking news courtesy of Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post, regarding our society's unhealthy thirst for information:

"Unchecked "infomania" -- yes, there's even a term for this instapathology -- can lead to a lower IQ, according to a 2005 Hewlett-Packard study. The research, conducted by a University of London psychologist, found that people distracted by e-mail and phone calls lost 10 IQ points, more than twice the impact of smoking marijuana -- or comparable to losing a night's sleep."

For real?? Perhaps NOW people will stop harassing me about screening phone calls and never checking my voicemail. Shhhh - I need gmail open at all times for work-related reasons...

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Ali said...

hey! i stole the link to kathleen's article and posted it on fb. we are now on a first-name basis. sorry for mooching.