Friday, April 10, 2009

The Friday Morning Post

Wow. Sometimes I don't like Charles that much, but this time I'd like to shake his hand.

Today is crazy photo shoot day, so not much time for blogging. This morning we shot two leading young politicos - a Republican and a Democrat - and they were both charming and pleasant and got along perfectly with each other. A refreshing change in the somewhat (ha) acerbic political climate America is rocking these days. The shoot was so fun, because they were laughing, enjoying themselves and joking around, reminds me why this job is pretty awesome.

Now we're going to shoot the Riverbend guy, which will be fun too (p.s. guess who's coming to Riverbend this year? Here's a hint; "TIN ROOF - RUSTED.") Then later today the best of all, the man himself from the south's favorite local ice cream/dairy company here to ham it up with a few scoops - anyone with hints about how to keep ice cream from melting immediately under the bright lights of a photo studio is WELCOME to drop those hints here.

Happy Friday!

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