Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Triumph the blog post

I have successfully defeated my inattentive nature and have completed the calendar for the May issue approximately two weeks before I usually do - hooray! This is quite the achievement, let me tell you, and I was only able to do it thanks to the snide comments made by one creative director to one self regarding the typical lateness of said calendar. He is currently on vacation, and will have a nice, finished calendar awaiting him upon his return. What then?

Hmm, not a lot else to comment on besides that pat on my own back, I do think this is awesome (scroll down to see the story and photo gallery) - I would totally ride this to work. Convenience/environmental friendliness without helmet hair, the silliness of a Segway and having to shower twice in one morning? Fantastic.

Probably the shortest post ever...


Lindsay said...

Creative directors should come with an instruction manual.
-someone who used to work at an ad agency

Emily Lilley said...

Amen, sister friend.