Monday, April 27, 2009

Duly noted

Given the lack of comments on my excited post re: split infinitives, I take it my select group of readers (thanks you three) is not interested in grammar.

You know something I think is awkward? When you're walking down the hall at work, and you pass the bathroom door and someone is coming out. It is right up there with riding the elevator with someone you don't know in the list of awkward office interactions. Especially if that person is of the opposite sex. I mean, this person has just used the restroom, and then you're like "hey..." and they are kind of like "hi..." but you're thinking, I know you were just in there...I hope you washed your hands...Maybe no one else finds this uncomfortable but it just happened and I thought I'd share.

I am SO EXCITED that it's finally warm and sunny. This is my favorite time of the year. I get so excited just being alive when it's beautiful and warm outside. My apartment is on the second floor and surrounded by lots of leafy trees, so it feels like a treehouse when the windows are open - which they have been pretty constantly since it got gorgeous outside. I know you're supposed to go outside when it's nice, and I do, but something about being in my apartment with the windows open and the trees rustling outside and the sun shining in patterns across the floor, and my new pomegranate tea and vanilla apple air fresheners (amazing - Target continues to be awesome) just makes me so happy.

Ever since I had the Merry Maids come and clean (yeah, I did) I have been a straightening champ. It's been like two weeks and my apartment has been neat as a pin ever since. (If you've ever lived with me, this information is no doubt amazing - but believe it.) Francis feels like he has a whole new home. After I get the picture/painting collage I've been planning for months hung up, I will post some photos of our Treehouse (on Tremont street - coincidence? I think not.) My next project is getting out of bed on time in the morning. (Yikes.)

Ok, that's about all I've got today. Is it five o'clock yet?


Erin said...

I totally agree on the post-bathroom awkwardness. Even though we all know that yes, everyone goes to the bathroom, it's still weird when it's your coworkers. Especially when the guys proceed to tell you how bad it stinks in there.

Emily Lilley said...

OK! Thanks for the support Erin :)

Unknown said...

May I speak to the bathroom awkwardness as well? I had an office across the hall from the women's bathroom at my old job, and it was awful. Because our office was 75% women (seriously), there was PLENTY of foot traffic in and out of the bathroom, especially during the pregnancy waves. I had to move my computer screen so that I faced a different direction because I would always look up when someone was going in/out of the bathroom. I was always self-conscious about it--I didn't want people to think I was a perv...and I felt bad for all the ladies. If I were them, I would have gone to the bathroom on the other floor so as to avoid the awkwardness...but that's just me!

Claire said...

I totally agree with the office bathroom awkwardness!

Also, I would like to have more information on the air freshener.

Emily Lilley said...

I am LOVING this unanimous support on office bathroom awkwardness.