Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pirates are defeated!

I like how Ron Paul is who he is. I think some of his foreign policy ideas are kind of far-fetched, and although it would be logical and awesome if we could, I don't think there's any way to get our economy back to a gold standard - Sorry Ron!

His book, 'Revolution,' is interesting. He is a genuine student of this country, government, and economics - in addition to being a medical doctor. Which is like a million times more than most members of congress could say. This is short - but the guy is just plain right about education - and most likely no one will pay attention. Fun fact - if you went to Auburn and ever passed the Von Mises Institute on Magnolia and wondered what it was, it is an economic think-tank named for and based on the principles of Ludwig von Mises, whom Dr. Paul mentions in this statement and is a big fan of.

My personal favorite essay of his (there are a lot) is 'What does freedom really mean?' He is eloquent and clear. Keep in mind that although Dr. Paul is a Republican, he is more against the war in Iraq than anybody else in Washington. Here's an excerpt from this essay:

"The problem is that democracy is not freedom. Democracy is simply majoritarianism, which is inherently incompatible with real freedom. Our founding fathers clearly understood this, as evidenced not only by our republican constitutional system, but also by their writings in the Federalist Papers and elsewhere. James Madison cautioned that under a democratic government, “There is nothing to check the inducement to sacrifice the weaker party or the obnoxious individual.”

In other news, the pirates (who have been previously mentioned in this blog) have been defeated by the crew of an American ship they tried to capture! News reports don't seem to have information about the methods utilized to dissuade the pirates, but I'm betting the crew went with a crocodile with a ticking clock inside of it.

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Unknown said...

Oh Dr. Ron. I wish more members of Congress would be as thoughtful as he is. Whether or not you agree with him, you have to admit he's very principled and informed on the issues!